RustyToothbrush’s SOUTHERN NIGHTS
Is a fast paced 5 minutes of RAW Urban Snowboarding in New Zealand….. but….. With a twist
If you didn’t already know
Snow seldom falls to the streets of Queenstown, So Alex and the crew set out on a mission to change the game.
With the help of a trailer, some shovels and a little kiwi ingenuity, scavenging for what scraps of snow they could find this 5 night compilation of greasy perfection slammed, crashed and stomped itself onto your computer screen just like the sweat stained production you will grow to expect from the many desperate snowboarders riding the RustyToothbrush.
Its ready waiting right before your eyes
So stand up, chant loudly, and enjoy the chaos


the exclusive 7 page Article of SOUTHERN NIGHTS in Transfer Snowboard magazine

Words: Alex Stewart Photos: Will Linstead

Riders: Alex Stewart, Troy Tanner and Daniel Medina
Cinematography by: Rupert Critchley
Edited by: Alex Stewart
Song: Heart Beat (Feat Louise Soutar) Overkill

Here is where it all began, Men with beers and power-tools, some shoeless and others with flippyfloppys. Having plenty of Dictators we left Matty Wilson to hiswork and sat by idly supervising occasionally passing him a drill or a bit of uneducated building advice. Matty in fine form with a fistful of screws, 2 “DOLE” Pineapple crates and a few lengths of rough sawn 2×4 created a masterpiece that I am sure will be handed down through the generations.

Like all great Ideas, those primary expectations tend not very accurate. We were all pumped up on coffee, in two trucks loaded with shovels, machinery, cameras and men frothing on the idea of leaving the house at 9pm to go snowboarding, We set out to hire our Trailer from the local Caltex and hit the road for the Mountain to “obtain” our first shipment of the white stuff, needless to say there was a good amount of shit talk and not a lot of shovelling from some of the crew but we made it down to our first spot by midnight. All the snow was unloaded and we were left silently pondering whether or not we actually had enough to pull this off, with the run in’s 2meter tranny adequately paved we tossed the leftovers to sparsely cover the concrete pad directly under that nasty wee elbow. From memory A-Stew lost the rock off and once all the necessary pre-drop traditions were taken care of he readied himself for the first drop, pumping so hard through the down-ramp somehow he managed to make the whole structure fold in on itself and he crumbled to an impressive mess on the run in, silence was broken by the laughs of the posse and thats when the session truly began!

This rail above was an interesting beast, Alex had found it accidentally one day when he ventured outside the traditional parking spaces in a fairly commercial area of Queenstown to find a hill in which he could roll start his truck if the starter motor decided to have a mare like it usually did. The Rail had all the features of a theoretically amazing spot. A good kink, double closeout and tiled firecracker stairs for a landing, what we did not take into consideration was the added gnarleyness of having such a huge lack of snow, It was a proper circus trying to set up the run in, it was about +5 in town and snow was melting faster then ice-cream in a sun bed despite the 6kg of salt we used to try help it freeze, This feature helped stack a good 50% of our bail reel and even a broken thumb for our little guy Troy-Bubbleboy Tanner

We were a little worried coming into Night 3 as it had been stupid warm all that week and the little snow we had relied on had expectedly vanished,with the night we wanted to film pencilled in the weather finally played into our hands depositing a nice stash of snow to our usual collection point. We hired the trailer and shovelled as per usual but It wasn’t until we had paved our run in that we started to realise how much grit we had actually transported to our spot with us, enough to see sparks flying off our boards as we were being bungeed down the run in. That said Alex was sure speed was going to be sweet and proceeded to prep him self for the first hit

on our final night filming the street section we found ourselves standing in-front of  the beautifully arching framework of the Frankton Church with its sharp edges and splintering wood. After much debating we decided the least disrespectful way of riding God’s house was to stay off the roof. We dug the Banshee bungee from the back of the car and laid our run-in that would now double as our run-out. None of us could have foreseen how well this would work out

The final night filming was the Icing on the cake, Hiking upto the Park at Remarkable’s on the most beautiful clear blue evening, a crazy sunset, full moon and not even a breath of wind, We had a few stubbies jammed into the backpack and cracked’em open just as it turned Alex 22nd Birthday at 12am a short 5 minutes after he stomped his one foot back 3. Troy owning it as well that night with his back dub 9 and Dan the cat like usual boltsing everything.

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to Finish such a rad first adventure.